A Glance at the Rehearsal of GKR Hayu & KPH Notonegoro Wedding

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The rehearsal aimed to make sure that all parties involved would be able to complete their tasks during the wedding ceremony properly. Sultan Hamengku Buwono X himself was present in the activities to check and ensure in person if everything was as it should be.

Practicing for the Event
The purple and bluish green decorations dominated the yard of Bangsal Kencana this Saturday (10/19), where the rehearsal of the Panggih ritual for the royal wedding was carried out. It began at 10.30am with the Pondhongan, in which the groom and one of the Kraton relatives carry the bride on their arms. Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X was there to directly advise the bride and the groom in the practice. There was also seen GKR Pembayun, who helped showing the procedure to her younger sister, GKR Hayu.

This Panggih rehearsal was attended by the entire committee that consisted of the Kraton’s family and relatives. GKR Pembayun, thus, was not alone as there were also the other daughters of the Sultan: GKR Condrokirono, GKR Maduretno, and GKR Bendara. Also present were some of the royal bride’s uncles, including GBPH Yudhaningrat, GBPH Prabukusumo, GBPH Hadiwinoto, GBPH Suryametaram, and GBPH Suryadiningrat. One could also see the parents and some relatives from the groom’s side in the practice.

The royal couple looked enthusiastic in following the guidance from the Sultan and the relatives when trying out the ritual. GKR Hayu was seated on the arms of KPH Notonegoro and GBPH Suryametaram, her uncle. She was carried in such a manner from the porch of the central part of Bangsal Kencana to the north part.

Conducted also as a trial was the marching of the groom and his entourage from Bangsal Kasatriyan. Two couples of edan-edanan dancers led the procession to Kagungan Dalem Bangsal Kencana. “This rehearsal was done to make sure that the real event will run smoothly. It has to be tried out, not only learned by reading books. It must be practiced,” said KRT Yudahadiningrat, a member of the Kraton Royal Wedding Committee.

Before the main rehearsal commenced, the royal servants were busy with their own rehearsal of gamelan performance. There were five sets of gamelan instruments in four spots, namely Bangsal Pagelaran, Bangsal Srimanganti, Bangsal Kencana, and Bangsal Kasatriyan.

As many as 200 royal servants, being also gamelan performers, were prepared for the event. They practiced some traditional numbers such as Gendhing Monggang, which is a gendhing, or a composition, for the VIP guests such as President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Another gendhing was called Prabu Mataram, which is going to be played when the Sultan is entering the venue.
Aside from the Panggih rehearsal in Bangsal Kencana, KPH Notonegoro and GKR Hayu also rehearsed for the rituals of Tampa Kaya & Dhahar Klimah in Kasatriyan and took their time to check the location for the Siraman ceremony in Gedhong Pompa, Bangsal Kasatriyan.

Meanwhile, preparations were also carried out for the decorations. Around Bangsal Kasatriyan, more or less 30 people created the penjor, which is a kind of ornament made of young coconut leaves. About 150 banana stems and hundreds of young coconut leaves were brought from Bantul Regency. The making of these decorations started on Friday night and went on until Sunday afternoon. The penjors were made on Sunday night. The 108 penjors will be installed on Tuesday. “The installation will be on Tuesday along the way to the Kepatihan,” said Parman, the coordinator for this decorative work.

On the day at about 2.30pm, in Bangsal Magangan had been prepared the tetuwuhan, or vegetations, that included sugarcanes, a certain variety of banana called pisang raja, a certain variety of coconut called kelapa gading, and others that would serve as the materials for the tarub, which is an arrangement of agricultural products. “The bananas, coconuts, sugarcanes are all agricultural products. This show that Indonesia is an agrarian nation,” said GBPH Hadiwinoto. “Upon the completion of the Panggih, people would ‘fight over’ these vegetations. Anyone who wants it can take it,” he continued.

Carriage Procession Rehearsal
In the afternoon at about 3.30pm, the carriage procession rehearsal was prepared. The difference between the rehearsal and the runthrough a week before was the horses. In the runthrough, the carriages were drawn by regular horses borrowed from delman drivers. In the rehearsal, the horses used were those belonging to the Army Cavalry brought from Parongpong, Bandung. “[This is] to try out the new horses because they need to adapt to the environment and the weather as well,” explained KRT Yudahadiningrat.

Unlike the horses, the troops that accompanied the carriages were the same as those in the runthrough. There were two troops following the royal couple’s carriage and four troops walking with the Sultan’s. “The only difference is the costume; now they use the peranakan attire,” added KRT Yudahadiningrat.

Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X and GKR Hemas along with the royal family took part on this procession rehearsal. The Sultan and the Queen looked ready in the Kagungan Dalem Pagelaran to oversee the procession heading to Kagungan Dalem Bangsal Kepatihan. There were also the bride and the groom, the groom’s parents, and the Kraton relatives.

The carriage procession was divided into two groups as in the runthrough. The royal couple’s group departed from the yard of Keben, while the Sultan’s group from Pagelaran. The former group consisted of five carriages, and the latter seven. The parade departed to the Kepatihan around 4.15pm.

For the sake of safety, human shields consisting of personnel from the national police, the national army, and the people had been formed along the route. A third of the entire police force in the Special Region of Yogyakarta, including from the regional and the subregional police, were deployed. “The real event will be a lot like this rehearsal, especially on the 22nd and 23rd [of October]. We have established some coordination with elements of the public and the provincial government. It is expected that the people will be able to see this grand event in a well organized manner,” explained AKBP Anny Pudjiastuti as the PR officer for the Regional Police of Yogyakarta. On the D-Days, the Malioboro Street will be closed from 6.00am-1.00pm. “As for the parking pockets, we have prepared them in as many as 9 spots. There will also be 15 units of shuttle buses provided for the guests to transport from the parking pockets to Kepatihan,” said AKBP Anny.

Around 4.46pm the carriage procession arrived at Kagungan Dalem Bangsal Kepatihan. The troops saluted the carriages that transported Sultan Hamengku Buwono X, the royal couple, and Kanjeng Gusti Pakualam IX each. The three carriages stopped in front of Kagungan Dalem Bangsal Kasatriyan to receive the salutation.

Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X expressed his wishes and gratefulness to the people. “Thanks to the people, the regional heads, and all of the print and electronic media that have been taking part. Thanks to you people for the initiative of providing these traditional foodstalls. My biggest gratitude goes to you,” said the Sultan.
During a break in the rehearsal, GKR Hemas also stated her expectation on this Dhaup Ageng. “I am requesting your blessings and supports. Our orderliness will show the peacefulness of Yogyakarta. And the people of Yogyakarta will reflect the Indonesian people as well,” she said.

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Acara gladi bersih dilaksanakan agar semua pihak dapat melaksanakan tugas saat upacara pernikahan esok dengan baik.  Sultan Hamengku Buwono X turut hadir dalam gladi bersih ini untuk langsung mengecek dan memastikan agar acara esok dapat berlangsung lancar.


Latihan agar Lancar saat Hari H

Nuansa ungu dan hijau tosca menghiasi pelataran Bangsal Kencana hari Sabtu (19/10) tempat diadakannya Gladi Bersih upacara panggih pernikahan GKR Hayu dan KPH Notonegoro. Gladi bersih diawali dengan  pondhongan (menggendong pengantin wanita) yang dimulai pada pukul 10.30. Turut hadir Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X yang juga secara langsung memberi pengarahan kepada kedua calon mempelai dalam uji coba pondhongan. Tampak pula GKR Pembayun yang turut memberikan pengarahan kepada adiknya, GKR Hayu.

Gladi bersih upacara panggih ini dihadiri oleh seluruh panitia yang terdiri dari para keluarga dan kerabat Kraton. Selain GKR Pembayun, turut hadir saudari-saudari dari GKR Hayu yaitu GKR Condrokirono, GKR Maduretno, dan GKR Bendara. Turut hadir pula paman-paman dari GKR Hayu seperti GBPH Yudhaningrat, GBPH Prabukusumo, GBPH Hadiwinoto, GBPH Suryametaram, dan GBPH Suryadiningrat. Selain itu orang tua calon mempelai pria beserta beberapa kerabat juga turut dalam gladi bersih panggih ini.

Pada saat uji coba pondhongan yang merupakan salah satu rangkaian dari upacara panggih, kedua mempelai tampak antusias mengikuti arahan dari Sultan dan para kerabat. GKR Hayu dipondhong dengan cara duduk di atas lengan tangan KPH Notonegoro dan GBPH Suryametaram yang merupakan paman dari GKR Hayu. GKR Hayu dipondhong dari tratag Bangsal Kencana sisi tengah menuju sisi utara.

Selain itu, dilakukan uji coba iring-iringan pengantin pria beserta kerabat dari Bangsal Kasatriyan. Dua pasang penari edan-edanantampak berada di barisan depan rombongan pengantin pria menuju Kagungan Dalem Bangsal Kencana. “Gladi bersih ini dilakukan supaya hari H lancar, harus dipelajari, tidak bisa hanya baca buku. Harus praktek.” ungkap KRT Yudahadiningrat, selaku Panitia Kraton Royal Wedding.

Sebelum gladi bersih pondhongan dimulai, tampak para Abdi Dalem juga melakukan gladi bersih untuk iringan musik gamelan. Sebanyak lima set gamelan dipersiapkan di beberapa tempat yaitu di Bangsal Pagelaran, Bangsal Srimanganti, Bangsal Kencana, dan Bangsal Kasatriyan.

Abdi Dalem penabuh gamelan telah dipersiapkan sebanyak 200 personil. Para Abdi Dalem penabuh gamelan berlatih memainkangendhing-gendhing seperti gendhing Monggang yakni gendhing untuk para tamu agung seperti Presiden SBY. Ada pula gendhing Prabu Mataram yang khusus dimainkan ketika Sultan miyos atau hadir di tempat acara.

Tidak hanya gladi bersih Panggih di Bangsal Kencana, KPH Notonegoro dan GKR Hayu juga melakukan gladi bersih upacara Tampa Kaya & Dhahar Klimah di Bangsal Kasatriyan dan menyempatkan mengecek lokasi untuk upacara Siraman di Gedhong Pompa, Bangsal Kasatriyan.

Sementara itu, dilakukan persiapan pula untuk dekorasi. Sekitar 30 orang membuat hiasan dari janur bertempat di sekitar BangsalKasatriyan. Dibutuhkan sekitar 150 debog (batang pohon pisang) dan ratusan janur yang didatangkan dari Bantul untuk membuat dekorasi. Pembuatan dekorasi ini dimulai dari Jumat malam dilanjutkan hingga hari Minggu sore. Untuk pembuatan penjor (hiasan dari janur) dibuat pada hari Minggu malam. Sejumlah 108 penjor tersebut akan dipasang pada hari Selasa, “Pemasangannya hari Selasa di sepanjang jalan menuju Kepatihan.” tutur Parman selaku koordinator pembuat dekorasi janur.

Siang harinya sekitar pukul 14.30, di Bangsal Magangan telah dipersiapkan tetuwuhan (tumbuh-tumbuhan) yang berupa tebu, pisang raja, cengkir (kelapa gading), dan slain-lain yang akan dirangkai untuk tarub (aneka hasil bumi). “Pisang, kelapa, tebu, semuanya adalah hasil pertanian. Ini salah satu wujud bahwa Indonesia adalah negara agraris,” papar GBPH Hadiwinoto. “Setelah acara panggihselesai, tetuwuhan ini boleh diambil, diperebutkan siapa saja yang ingin mengambil, silahkan.” lanjutnya.


Gladi Bersih Kirab

Sore harinya sekitar pukul 15.30 dilakukan persiapan gladi bersih Kirab. Perbedaan gladi bersih dengan gladi kotor yang telah dilaksanakan seminggu sebelumnya adalah kuda-kuda penarik kereta yang digunakan. Ketika gladi kotor, kereta masih ditarik menggunakan kuda milik para kusir delman. Saat gladi bersih ini, sudah digunakan kuda milik Kavaleri Angkatan Darat yang didatangkan dari Parongpong, Bandung. “Mencoba kuda yang baru, karena kuda-kuda tersebut juga perlu adaptasi lingkungan dan adaptasi cuaca.” papar KRT Yudahadiningrat.

Sementara para bregada prajurit yang turut dalam gladi bersih masih sama dengan ketika gladi kotor. Ada 2 bregada  pengiring kereta pengantin dan ada 4 bregada pengiring kereta Sultan. “Perbedaannya hanya pada kostum saja, para prajurit mengenakan busana peranakan.” imbuh KRT Yudahadiningrat.

Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X dan GKR Hemas beserta keluarga kali ini juga turut dalam gladi bersih Kirab ini. Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X beserta permaisuri tampak sudah siap di Kagungan Dalem Pagelaran untuk memantau iring-iringan yang akan berangkat menuju Kagungan Dalem Bangsal Kepatihan. Nampak pula kedua calon pengantin, orang tua calon pengantin pria, dan para kerabat kraton dalam gladi bersih Kirab ini.

Iring-iringan kereta dibagi menjadi dua rombongan sama seperti ketika gladi kotor. Rombongan pengantin berangkat dari pelataran Keben, sedangkan rombongan Ngarso Dalem berangkat dari Pagelaran. Jumlah kereta rombongan pengantin sebanyak 5 kereta, untuk rombongan Ngarso Dalem sebanyak 7 kereta. Iring-iringan berangkat menuju Kepatihan sekitar pukul 16.15.

Untuk keamanan, di sepanjang rute iring-iringan telah dipersiapkan pagar betis yang teridiri dari Polri, TNI, dan elemen masyarakat. Jumlah anggota Polri yang dikerahkan kurang lebih sepertiga kekuatan kepolisian di DIY meliputi polda dan polres. “Gladi bersih ini sama seperti nanti saat hari H, terutama pada tanggal 22-23. Kami sudah berkoordinasi dengan elemen masyarakat dan pemprov. Harapannya nanti masyarakat bisa melihat acara besar ini dengan tertib.” tutur AKBP Anny Pudjiastuti selaku Humas Polda DIY. Pada saat hari H, jalan Malioboro akan ditutup dari pukul 06.00-13.00. “Untuk kantong parkir juga sudah dipersiapkan sebanyak 9 titik. Nanti juga disediakan 15 unit shuttle bus untuk mengantar tamu dari tempat parkir menuju ke Kepatihan.” tambah AKBP Anny.

Sekitar pukul 16.46 iring-iringan kereta tiba di Kagungan Dalem Bangsal Kepatihan. Para prajurit memberi penghormatan kepada kereta yang dinaiki oleh Sultan Hamengku Buwono X, kereta pengantin, dan kereta yang dinaiki oleh Kanjeng Gusti Pakualam IX. Ketiga kereta tersebut berhenti di kuncung Kagungan Dalem Bangsal Kasatriyan untuk menerima penghormatan.

Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X menyampaikan harapan dan ucapan terima kasihnya kepada masyarakat. “Terima kasih kepada masyarakat, kepala daerah, seluruh media cetak maupun elektronik yang ikut berpartisipasi. Terima kasih kepada masyarakat untuk inisiatifnya dengan angkringannya. Terima kasih yang sebesar-besarnya.” ungkap Sultan.

Di sela-sela acara gladi bersih, GKR Hemas juga mengungkapkan harapan beliau terhadap acara Dhaup Ageng ini. “Mohon doa restu dan mohon dukungannya. Tertibnya masyarakat melambangkan masyarakat Yogyakarta yang penuh kedamaian. Masyarakat Yogyakarta jadi simbol masyarakat Indonesia juga.” ungkapnya.

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