GKR Hayu


Gusti Raden Ajeng Nurabra Juwita B.Sc  
Yogyakarta, 24 Desember 1983      


SD Marsudirini Yogyakarta  
SMP Stella Duce 1 Yogyakarta
Brisbane Adventist College, Australia  
SMA Negeri 3 Padmanaba Yogyakarta
International School of Singapore  
Steven Institute Of Technology, AS (Computer Science Department)
Bournemouth University, Inggris, (Information System Management Department)  
2007-2008: Microsoft Indonesia – Internship Programme
2009-2012: Aprisma Indonesia – Project Manager
2012-2013: Gameloft Indonesia – HD Game Producer
2012-present: Tepas Tandhayekti – Penghageng (Leader)
KPH Notonegoro


Angger Pribadi Wibowo, S.IP, MA  
Jakarta, 27 Desember 1973  


SDN Kalisari III Cijantung
SD Yayasan Pendidikan Umum Bandung
SDN Pondok Jagung II Serpong Tangerang
SDN WR Supratman, Cimahi  
SMP Negeri 1 Cimahi
SMP Negeri 2 Ambarawa  
SMA Negeri 1 Salatiga
SMA Negeri 3 Padmanaba Yogyakarta  
Jurusan Hubungan Internasional – FISIPOL – UGM Spesialisasi: Negosiasi dan Resolusi Konflik  
School of Economic Sciences – Washington State University – Jurusan International Development  
1999-2003: PURA group Kudus, Project Manager – International Marketing
2003-2004: School of Economics - Washington State University, Pullman, Washington USA - Teaching/Research Assistant
2006-2010: UNDP Indonesia – Jakarta Disaster Risk Reduction - Programme Manager
2010–2012: UNDP Indonesia Jakarta - Assistant Country Director – Head of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit
2012–present: Bureau of Management, UNDP, New York - Management Specialist – Business Continuity and Enterprise Risk Management

The Story

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It Started from the Virtual World

Hayu and Noto had been dating for about 10 years, most of which were spent in long distance relationship. Communication and open discussion become the key of their enduring relationship.


MIRC: the First ‘Hi’

The story of Hayu and Noto might be a unique one. They met each other in a high school chat group sometime around the year of 2000. At that time, Hayu had just moved to her new school in Singapore after she finished her first year in SMA 3 Yogyakarta (Padmanaba).

At the early times of moving to Singapore, Hayu kept a good communication with her friends from her former school through a chat group in MIRC. This is where the story of Hayu and Noto, who is also a graduate of SMA 3 Yogyakarta, started.

“Padmanaba had some sort of channel in MIRC at that time. Well, Mas Noto was one of the moderators. From that moment, I knew him and then we often chatted,” said Hayu. After a while, the chat they shared in the group channel went further to a private chat window.

Hayu and Noto was getting closer in their relationship when they found out that GKR Hemas (Hayu’s mother) and Noto’s mother were best friends since elementary school until high school. That revealed fact put them even closer. Furthermore, when Hayu departed to the US to continue her college education, GKR Hemas entrusted her daughter to Noto’s care. At that time Noto was still finishing his Master Degree there.

“Well, at that moment, Jeng Ratu was sent to New York alone to study in the university. I was really amazed by her braveness and self-reliance. Also, I never heard any complaints from Jeng Ratu during her education abroad.” Noto added, “Since that moment, I started to have admiration toward her. In my opinion, she is a strong, independent, intelligent, and passionate young lady,” he continued.

The summer of 2003 in the US was the beginning of their love story. Noto finally expressed his feeling to Hayu. “Mas Noto fits the type of man I dream of. He’s smart, friendly, also good at singing and playing musical instruments,” told Hayu when she was asked the things she likes about Noto. “Mas Noto is also a cheerful and sociable person, so he never had too much trouble adapting to my family,” she added.

For Noto, Hayu is a unique person. “I am always impressed by her intelligence during our discussions and the way she gives me advice and inputs, I never even thought about. It all puts me on an even keel to choose her as my lifemate.”


A Decade of Long Distance Relationship

Unlike other couples in general, Hayu and Noto often experienced long distance relationship during their 10 years of togetherness. Luckily, they had the technology to bring them closer. Web chatting and phone calls were the best way they could get to heat their love while the miles tried to make it cold. Usually, every week they dedicate some times to share stories.

“We both are not romantic type of people. But I like it best when Mas Noto sent me a voice note. It is a recording of him singing along while playing guitar. For me, it is very romantic,” said Hayu. “We happen to share a similar taste of music. We both like classical orchestra, and jazz.”

“Jeng Ratu can be romantic too. Once, she suddenly surprised me by sending flowers to my office. It rocked the office at that time,” Noto added while laughing.

Noto admits that it is not easy to pass through this 10-year love story. Beside the distance, the bustles each of them have to engage in sometimes emerges problems. Hayu admits that there were several break-ups with Noto. “Yet, love is not going anywhere. At the end, we always get back together,” said Hayu.

There is a similar trait both of them share: “stubborn”. They also frequently have contradictory point of views in grasping problems. On one hand, it is a constraint, but on the other, that drags them into having a lot of discussions when facing problems. “Mas Noto is really open for discussions. He always invites me to sit down together so we can break down the problems and work things out,” said Hayu.

“The key is communication. Even though we were parted by miles, communication always has to be maintained,” Noto added. “Quarrels never last long. Usually, we only need to calm ourselves down so we can clear our heads. After that, each of us would realize our mistakes,” Noto continues.

Noto’s perseverance in staying together with Hayu, who is in fact someone born as a highly regarded person in Yogyakarta, makes Hayu believe to tether her heart to Noto’s. “I am not a person easy to take as a spouse, because of both my family background and also my personality. Mas Noto never gives up in 10 years. It makes my feeling even stronger for him,” said Hayu. Noto’s patience for Hayu, in the past 10 years, has won her over.

“Jeng Ratu and I have known each other for a long time. Also, the Kraton family is very open. So far I never have any difficulties to approach them,” he added with a smile.

Bermula dari Dunia Maya

Hayu dan Noto berpacaran selama kurang lebih 10 tahun, dimana sebagian besar mereka jalani dengan kondisi pacaran jarak jauh. Komunikasi dan diskusi yang terbuka menjadi kunci langgengnya hubungan mereka.

Bertemu Lewat Grup MIRC

Kisah pertemuan Hayu dan Noto bisa dibilang cukup unik. Mereka dipertemukan lewat sebuah group chat SMA mereka sekitar tahun 2000. Saat itu, Hayu baru saja pindah sekolah ke Singapura setelah sebelumnya sempat mengenyam pendidikan selama setahun di SMA 3 Yogyakarta (Padmanaba).

Pada awal kepindahannya di Singapura, Hayu berkomunikasi dengan teman-temannya di SMA 3 melalui channel grup chatting MIRC. Disinilah awal perkenalan Hayu dengan Noto yang juga sama-sama alumni SMA 3 Padmanaba.

“Waktu itu Padmanaba punya semacam grup chatting di MIRC. Nah, mas Noto itu salah satu moderatornya. Dari situ kenal, terus berlanjut jadi sering ngobrol.” kenang Hayu. Dari situlah, chatting yang awalnya hanya di grup, kemudian berlanjut menjadi chat pribadi.

Hubungan Hayu dan Noto semakin dekat hingga mereka mengetahui bahwa GKR Hemas (ibunda Hayu) dan ibunda Noto adalah teman dekat sejak SD sampai dengan SMA. Hal ini yang semakin mendekatkan mereka. Apalagi, ketika Hayu berangkat ke Amerika untuk melanjutkan kuliahnya, GKR Hemas menitipkan putrinya untuk dibantu oleh Noto, yang waktu itu juga sedang melanjutkan sekolah S2 di sana.

“Iya, waktu itu, Jeng Ratu sudah dilepas ke New York sendirian buat kuliah. Saya kagum dengan keberanian dan kemandirian dia. Saya juga nggak pernah mendengar Jeng Ratu berkeluh kesah selama kuliah sendiri di luar negeri.” Noto menambahkan. “Sejak itulah saya kagum dengan Jeng Ratu Hayu. Menurut saya dia perempuan yang strong, independent, intelligent, dan passionate.” lanjut Noto lagi.

Musim panas tahun 2003 di US adalah awal dimulainya kisah cinta mereka. Noto mengungkapkan perasaannya kepada Hayu. “Mas Noto ini bisa memenuhi kriteria laki-laki idamanku. Orangnya pintar, ramah, pinter nyanyi dan memainkan instrumen alat musik.” cerita Hayu ketika ditanya tentang apa yang disukanya dari Noto. “Mas Noto juga orang yang ceria dan gampang dekat sama orang, jadi tidak begitu susah untuk dekat sama keluarga.” lanjutnya.

Bagi Noto sendiri, Hayu merupakan sosok yang unik. “Saya selalu terkesan dengan kecerdasan Jeng Ratu Hayu dalam bertukar pikiran dan memberikan saran serta masukan yang nggak pernah terpikir oleh saya. Hal ini yang membuat saya semakin mantap untuk memilihnya sebagai pendamping hidup saya.”

LDR Selama 10 Tahun

Berbeda dengan pasangan pada umumnya, Hayu dan Noto selama 10 tahun pacaran sering menjalani hubungan jarak jauh. Beruntungnya, ada teknologi yang dapat mendekatkan mereka. Chatting dan telepon adalah cara mereka untuk memadu kasih ketika jarak memisahkan. Biasanya dalam seminggu ada satu waktu yang diluangkan untuk saling bercerita.

“Kami berdua bukan tipe orang yang romantis. Tetapi aku paling suka ketika mas Noto mengirimiku voice note saat dia bernyanyi menggunakan gitar, menurutku itu romantis banget.” kata Hayu. “Kebetulan selera musik kami berdua juga sama. Kami sama-sama menyukai orkestra klasik dan jazz.”

“Jeng Ratu juga bisa romantis. Dulu pernah, dia tiba-tiba ngasih surprise dengan ngirimin bunga ke kantor. Lumayan bikin kantor saya geger tuh waktu itu.” Noto menambahkan seraya terkekeh.
Perjalanan percintaan selama 10 tahun ini diakui Noto tidak mudah untuk dilalui. Selain jarak, kesibukan masing-masing terkadang juga menimbulkan masalah. Hayu mengaku sempat putus-nyambung dengan Noto. “Namun yang namanya cinta tidak kemana. Akhirnya toh kami juga kembali lagi.” tutur Hayu disusul dengan tawa.

Ada kesamaan sifat yang dimiliki keduanya, yaitu sama-sama “ngeyel” dan sering bertolak belakang sudut pandang dalam melihat sebuah permasalahan. Di satu sisi itu kendala, tapi di sisi lain, hal itulah yang membuat mereka berdua jadi sering berdiskusi ketika menghadapi masalah. “Mas Noto orangnya sangat terbuka untuk diskusi. Dia selalu mengajak aku untuk duduk lalu membicarakan masalah biar clear dan bisa ditemukan titik temu solusinya.” tutur Hayu.

“Kuncinya ada di komunikasi. Walaupun long distance, komunikasi harus tetap terjaga terus.” Noto menambahkan. “Kalau berantem nggak pernah lama. Biasanya cuma butuh waktu untuk menenangkan pikiran supaya bisa berpikir dengan jernih. Abis itu masing-masing biasanya menyadari kesalahannya di mana.” lanjut Noto lagi.

Perjuangan Noto untuk tetap bersama Hayu, yang notabene seseorang yang terlahir terpandang di Yogyakarta, membuat Hayu semakin yakin untuk menambatkan hatinya kepada Noto. “Aku ini orangnya tidak gampang untuk dijadikan pasangan. Baik dari sisi personality-ku, maupun dari sisi keluarga. Mas Noto ini 10 tahun tidak menyerah. Hal itu yang bikin aku mantep sama dia.” Tukas Hayu. Sifat Noto yang sabar ketika menghadapi Hayu yang terpaut usia 10 tahun pun menjadi nilai tambah buat Hayu.

“Saya dan Jeng Ratu kenalnya sudah lama. Selain itu, keluarga Keraton juga sangat terbuka, jadi sejauh ini sih saya nggak pernah mengalami kesulitan saat mendekati keluarga Keraton.” tambah Noto seraya tersenyum.

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