The Kraton’s Traditional Culinary for The Dining Party

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The Kraton of Yogya will serve traditional culinary menus for the dining party during the royal wedding day of GKR Hayu & KPH Notonegoro. Better still, some menus are those originally created by Sultan HB IX, who had been known to fancy cooking.

The Menus from The Ancestors’ Heritage

The list of menu to serve during the dining party of the Kraton’s Royal Wedding will obviously be different from the menus served in common wedding parties. This year, particularly during the Panggih and the Wedding Reception event, there will be approximately 40 – 50 culinary menus to be served. The list of menu consists of a combination between traditional culinary, particularly Javanese culinary, with those of international culinary. Some of the menus listed are those distinctive to the Kraton, which means that those menus are served in particular only within the Palace or the Bale Raos, the restaurant located within the environment of the Palace.

“As the list of guests invited comprises both Indonesians and guests from foreign countries, Kanjeng Ratu Hemas has also listed international menus to fit these foreign guests’ taste. However, the traditional menus remain to be the primary menu to serve,” explained Sumartoyo, the General Manager of Bale Raos, who acts as the coordinator of the dining party of the Royal Wedding event.

The guests will be served with Javanese salad as an appetizer, which was originally created by Sultan HB IX who loved cooking. They will also be served with Hussar Salad, which had been introduced since the age of Sultan HB VI. This particular menu, which rooted back from Netherland’s culture, was formerly not a common menu; it used to be served only to the nobles.

As for the two main events within the Royal Wedding sets of events, namely the Panggih and the Wedding Reception, there will be a top menu which is the Palace’s distinct culinary, Roasted Goat-meat. Roasted Goat-meat is served as the main menu for the Panggih and Wedding Reception as Sultan HB X and his family fancies goat-meat culinary a lot. The Roasted Goat-met will be combined with another traditional food, namely Kare Sayuran or Vegetable Curry.

Particularly for the Panggih event, besides the Roasted Goat-meat, the main menu to serve is Gudeg Manggar, Dendeng Agi, and Sekul Langgi. Gudeg Manggar is different from the common gudeg serving as it is made of coconut unripe flower and can only be found in certain places, particularly in Bantul. … Gudeg Manggar will be in the list of the top main menu, and this menu had also been served during the previous weddings of the Kraton’s princesses.

The list of menu to serve also includes Dendeng Agi, the Palace’s original culinary which is also served during Sugengan ritual. … Dendeng Agi is made of minced cow meat with grilled ground kluwih, while Sekul Langgi is a portion of rice served with a set of other provided foods.

As for the Wedding Reception which will be held in Kepatihan, the main menu to serve is Bebek Suwar-Suwir, which is the favorite as well as the creation of Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX. … This menu is also the Palace’s distinct menu and can only be found in the Palace and Bale Raos.

“Some menus served during the Panggih may not be served as well during the Wedding Reception to make the menu list more varied. … However, the favorite menu of Sultan HB X’s family, namely the Roasted Goat-meat, will be served in both events,” Sumartoyo explained.

Several of the Palace’s classic menus will also be served as desserts, among others are Bendhul, Perawan Kenes, and Manuk Enom—a kind of pudding which has been known since the age of Sultan HB VII and VIII. There will also be Camcau Ice, Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX’s favorite drink, which will be served along with red syrup and young coconut. … These traditional dessert serving will also be accompanied by international desserts such as gelato.

The Panggih event, which will be held on Tuesday (10/22), will be attended by special and VVIP guests. The special guests, which will include the President, Ministers, and Ambassadors, will be served in round table format. Meanwhile, the VVIP guests will be served with the menus in a fine dining format at Bangsal Manis. As for the other guests, the culinary menu will be served in buffets and stalls.

The format will also apply during the Wedding Reception, which will be held the next day, Wednesday (10/23). The Wedding Reception will be carried out in a more casual manner with larger number of regular guests, and will be in a standing party format. Though served in different formats, both events lists the same number of menu as well as buffets and stalls. The dining party committee will provide approximately 5-6 buffets and 20-25 stalls.

 Hundreds of Crews

To serve approximately 5000 invited guests, the dining party committee of the Royal Wedding has prepared hundreds of crews who will be in charge during the events. The number of crews reaches almost 400 personnel for the Panggih and 300 personnel for the Wedding Reception, which will be divided into several groups. … Some will assist the production process in the kitchen, some will help with the serving, while some others will be serving the guests directly. These crews are casual resources or taken through outsourcing. They will be called up from a number of Vocational High school of Cookery and several tourism academies in Yogyakarta.

“They might have had experienced working in hotels, but the palace applies its own distinct mannerism and different serving style; therefore they will be trained firstly, a week before the D-day,” Sumartoyo added.

The enormous number of guests invited makes it quite hard for the Royal Wedding’s dining party committee to work on its own. Therefore, during the D-day, they will be assisted by two catering services, namely Karunia and Estu catering. Karunia Catering will be responsible of handling Indonesian common menus, while Estu Catering will handle the Oriental and International menus.

Two additional kitchens will also be prepared within the Palace’s environment to support the smoothness and effectiveness of the food supply. … One special tent function as a kitchen will be established near the HB IX museum, while the other one will be established at the South of Bangsal Manis.

Sumartoyo admitted that the committee has encountered no significant obstacles during the preparation as they can easily collect the raw ingredients from the suppliers around Yogyakarta. … The real obstacle is present, indeed, during the D-day. “There are not so many obstacles; it is basically just about how we manage our energy and time as all guests will dine at the same time altogether,” Sumartoyo emphasized. During the D-day, the guests will first enter the venue and entertained by dance performances. Afterwards, they will congratulate the newlyweds, and followed by enjoying the culinary served, which means that all of the guests will dine altogether at the same time. However, as the preparation phase has been carried out optimally, it is expected that the event will all run smoothly.

Sajian Menu Tradisional Kraton untuk Jamuan Makan

Menu-menu tradisional khas Kraton Yogya akan disajikan saat jamuan makan di acara pernikahan GKR Hayu & KPH Notonegoro. Beberapa menu bahkan merupakan kreasi asli Sultan HB IX yang dikenal gemar memasak.

Sajian Menu Warisan Leluhur

Menu jamuan makan untuk rangkaian acara Royal Wedding Kraton Yogyakarta tentu berbeda dengan jamuan makanan pernikahan lain. Tahun ini, khususnya untuk Panggih dan Resepsi, akan disajikan kurang lebih 40-50 jenis menu makanan. Menu-menu ini merupakan kombinasi dari masakan tradisional khususnya Jawa dan masakan internasional. Beberapa menu yang disajikan bahkan menjadi masakan khas Kraton yang hanya bisa ditemukan di Kraton atau di Bale Raos, restoran yang ada di dalam Kraton.

“Karena tamu undangan tidak hanya orang Indonesia, ada juga orang asing, maka Kanjeng Ratu Hemas juga menyediakan makanan internasional supaya cocok dengan taste mereka. Namun, menu tradisional tetap merupakan menu yang menjadi andalan.” jelas Sumartoyo, General Manager Bale Raos, selaku koordinator jamuan makan Royal Wedding.

Untuk makanan pembuka, disediakan salad Jawa yang merupakan kreasi Sultan HB IX yang memang gemar memasak. Selain itu, ada juga Selada Hussar yang sudah ada sejak zaman Sultan HB VI. Makanan yang berakar dari budaya Belanda ini dulunya bahkan tidak bisa dinikmati secara luas, hanya bangsawan saja yang bisa menikmatinya.

Untuk dua acara puncak Royal Wedding yaitu Panggih dan Resepsi, akan ada menu andalan tersendiri yang merupakan makanan khas Kraton, yakni Kambing Panggang. Kambing Panggang adalah menu utama untuk acara Resepsi dan Panggih dikarenakan Keluarga Sultan HB X sangat menggemari masakan dengan bahan dasar kambing. Kambing Panggang ini akan dipadukan dengan masakan tradisional yaitu Kare Sayuran.

Khusus untuk acara Panggih, main menu yang akan disajikan selain Kambing Panggang adalah Gudeg Manggar, Dendeng Agi, dan Sekul Langgi. Gudeg Manggar berbeda dengan gudeg-gudeg biasa. Gudeg ini hanya bisa ditemui dibeberapa tempat, khususnya di daerah Bantul dan merupakan gudeg yang terbuat dari bunga buah kelapa. Gudeg Manggar ini menjadi salah satu menu andalan yang juga selalu disajikan pada pernikahan putri-putri Kraton sebelumnya.

Selain itu, terdapat pula Dendeng Agi. Dendeng Agi merupakan masakan asli Kraton yang juga disajikan saat Sugengan. Dendeng Agi ini terbuat dari daging sapi cacah dengan kluwih yang digiling dan dibakar, sedangkan Sekul Langgi adalah nasi yang disajikan dengan serangkaian lauk pauk.

Untuk Resepsi yang akan diadakan di Kepatihan, makanan yang akan menjadi menu utama adalah Bebek Suwar-Suwir. Bebek Suwar-Suwir merupakan masakan kesukaan yang juga merupakan kreasi Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX. Menu ini juga merupakan menu khas Kraton yang hanya bisa ditemukan di Kraton dan Bale Raos saja.

“Memang ada beberapa menu yang disajikan saat Panggih tidak kami sajikan saat Resepsi. Hanya untuk variasi saja. Tetapi untuk masakan kegemaran keluarga Sultan HB X yaitu Kambing Panggang akan disediakan dalam dua acara nanti,” jelas Sumartoyo.

Beberapa menu klasik Kraton juga disajikan untuk makanan penutup atau dessert, antara lain Bendhul, Perawan Kenes, dan Manuk Enom—sejenis puding yang sudah disajikan sejak era Sultan HB VII dan VIII. Terdapat juga Es Camcau yang merupakan minuman kegemaran Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX. Es Camcau ini akan disajikan bersama sirup merah dan kelapa muda. Dessert tradisional ini juga akan didampingi dessert internasional seperti gelato.

Panggih yang diselenggarakan pada Selasa (22/10) akan dihadiri oleh para tamu khusus dan VVIP. Tamu seperti Presiden, Menteri, dan Duta Besar akan dijamu dengan format round table. Untuk tamu VVIP akan disediakan menu dalam format fine dining di Bangsal Manis. Untuk tamu lain, makanan akan disajikan di Buffet dan Stall.

Begitu juga saat Resepsi yang akan diadakan keesokan harinya pada Rabu (23/10). Resepsi ini akan lebih santai dan lebih banyak dihadiri tamu undangan reguler dan bersifat semacam standing party. Walaupun berbeda format, kedua acara ini akan tetap menyajikan jumlah menu yang sama dalam jumlah buffet dan stall yang sama. Pihak jamuan akan menyediakan buffet sekitar 5-6 tempat dan stall sekitar 20-25 tempat.

Ratusan Kru

Untuk melayani kurang lebih 5000 tamu undangan, pihak jamuan makan Royal Wedding sudah menyediakan ratusan kru yang akan in-charge selama acara. Jumlahnya sekitar 400-an orang saat Panggih dan 300-an orang saat Resepsi. Ratusan kru yang sudah disediakan ini akan terbagi menjadi beberapa bagian. Akan ada yang membantu proses produksi di dapur, membantu proses penyajian, dan orang yang akan melayani tamu secara langsung. Ratusan kru ini merupakan tenaga-tenaga casual atau outsourcing. Tenaga-tenaga ini akan diambil dari berbagai SMK Tata Boga dan beberapa akademi pariwisata yang terdapat di Yogyakarta.

“Mereka mungkin sudah biasa bekerja di hotel, namun karena Kraton memiliki unggah-ungguh dan cara melayani yang berbeda oleh sebab itu kami akan mengadakan training yang akan dilaksanakan seminggu sebelum hari H,” tambah Sumartoyo.

Banyaknya tamu undangan ini juga membuat pihak Jamuan Makan Royal Wedding tidak mungkin bekerja sendiri. Maka dari itu, untuk Hari H, mereka akan dibantu oleh dua katering yaitu Karunia dan Estu. Katering Karunia akan bertanggung jawab pada makanan-makanan umum Indonesia dan Katering Estu bertanggung jawab atas makanan Oriental dan Internasional.

Dapur tambahan juga akan disediakan demi kelancaran dan efektifitas penyediaan makanan. Dua dapur tambahan akan disediakan di dalam Kraton. Satu tenda khusus untuk dapur akan didirikan di dekat museum HB IX dan satu lagi di selatan Bangsal Manis.

Kendala dalam persiapan menuju Hari H diakui Sumartoyo tidak begitu besar. Bahan baku bisa dengan mudah didapatkan dari para supplier yang ada di Jogja. Kendala justru akan ada saat Hari H. “Kendala memang tidak banyak, hanya bagaimana manajemen tenaga dan waktu saja, karena pada hari H semua tamu akan makan pada saat yang bersamaan,” tandas Sumartoyo. Saat acara nanti, tamu yang datang akan duduk dan menikmati pertunjukan tarian yang disediakan baru bersalaman dengan pengantin dan menikmati hidangan, sehingga tamu undangan akan makan pada saat yang bersamaan. Namun begitu, dengan segala  persiapan maksimal yang telah dilakukan, diharapkan acara akan dapat berlangsung lancar.

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