Their Impressions on Hayu and Noto

Ronni Guritno – The Sultan’s Personal Assistant


I have known Miss Abra since she was seven. She is a fast learner, smart, and able to learn easily. She has got achievements, and her grades during school were great. Miss Abra also actively plays roller-blades and had once become a national champion. She is quiet, serious, and kind-hearted. She can always build a synergy between the Javanese culture and foreign cultures. Though she attended schools abroad, she has always tried to preserve her own culture.

As for Mr. Angger, I think he is a sociable person. He is also communicative. Mr. Angger has quite a similar basics and background as Miss Abra; both of them have been used to live in self-reliance, they have no spoiled personalities. Also, I think that the two of them make a diligent and responsible couple.

I wish that Miss Abra and Mr. Angger would be able to comply and adapt with each other so that they can make use of the existing differences to be better ones. I also wish that they would be a happy, lasting couple and a good family.


Ronni Guritno – Staf Pribadi Sultan HB X

Saya sudah mengenal mbak Abra semenjak beliau berusia tujuh tahun. Mbak Abra adalah seorang fast learner, cerdas, dan mudah belajar. Merupakan anak yang berprestasi dan nilai-nilainya saat di sekolah dulu bagus-bagus. Mbak Abra aktif di olah raga sepatu roda dan pernah jadi juara nasional. Orangnya juga pendiam, serius, dan baik. Mbak Abra selalu bisa mensinergikan antara kebudayaan Jawa dan kebudayaan asing. Walaupun lama sekolah di luar negeri, tetapi mbak Abra selalu berusaha tetap bisa melestarikan adat.

Kalau mas Angger menurut saya adalah sosok yang mudah bergaul. Orangnya juga pandai berkomunikasi. Mas Angger memiliki basic dan latar belakang yang hampir sama dengan mbak Abra, mereka berdua sama-sama sudah terbiasa mandiri, sehingga tidak ada yang namanya manja-manjaan. Selain itu menurut saya, mereka berdua adalah pasangan yang tekun bekerja dan bertanggung jawab.

Harapannya, semoga mbak Abra dan mas Angger bisa saling mengisi dan menyesuaikan sehingga perbedaan yang ada akan menjadikan sesuatu yang lebih. Semoga mereka juga bisa menjadi pasangan yang bahagia, langgeng, dan menjadi keluarga yang baik.

Tienuk Rifki – The Kraton Family’s Make-up Artist

r Foto Tienuk Riefki

I have known Miss Abra since the day she was born. I have even waited during the childbirth. I also handled the make-up for her during the tetesan (a ceremony which marks that a Kraton princess has entered her juvenile phase) and tarapan (a ceremony to celebrate the very first menstrual cycle). Miss Abra is a bit boyish, but she is a discipline person. She also never complains much when being made-up. She tends to be obedient and punctual. I mean, if she is asked to come at 6 to be made-up, she would have got herself ready at 6.

I wish that Miss Abra and Mr. Angger would have a lasting family until they become grandparents, and that they would be a peaceful, loving, blessed family, as well as that they would have all their wishes come true.


Tienuk Riefki – Perias Keluarga Kraton Yogyakarta

Saya sudah kenal Jeng Abra ini sejak beliau lahir. Pada saat lahiran, saya juga ikut menunggu beliau. Saat tetesan (prosesi yang menandakan datangnya masa remaja untuk Putri Kraton-Red.) dan tarapan (prosesi untuk memperingati haid pertama-Red.), saya juga yang merias. Walau sedikit tomboy, Jeng Abra orangnya disiplin. Jeng Abra ini juga tidak rewel ketika dirias. Malah cenderung nurut dan tertib. Misalnya saja, jika disuruh datang jam 6 untuk bersiap dirias, beliau sudah siap jam 6 itu.

Harapan saya, semoga Jeng Abra dan Mas Angger menjadi keluarga yang langgeng sampai kakek nenek, menjadi keluarga yang sakinah, mawadah, warohmah serta segala cita-cita yang diinginkan keluarga tercapai.

Susilowati Wu (Susi) – Sahabat GKR Hayu

r Foto Susilowati

“Abra”. That’s how she introduced herself to me. Her eyes behind those black rimmed glasses were looking at me intently. With a broad smile on her face, she announced herself as a new project manager for our office.

Frankly, my first impression on her was below my imagination. My first thoughts were like “Okay, she does not look as imposing as I thought her to be”. Ever when the rumors that a princess from Yogyakarta’s Kraton will be working at our office, my thoughts about her were something between a celebrity and, well, a princess, with bodyguards and paparazzi buzzing and surrounding her all the time, a sophisticated lady with major fashion sense. Far were my thoughts that she would actually befriend someone ordinary such as me. I remembered that I even tried to refer her to my better earning seniors, having the thoughts that she might not be eager to join us to have a lunch at a ‘warung’ (Indonesian food stall). Ha ha ha, those memories…

After knowing her more by working together with Abra, I realized that she was not the person I previously assume to be. Humble, a bit geeky, and almost a tomboy, she completely caught me off guard. Back then, she was so boyish to the point that she was almost not aware of the meaning of grooming in fashion.

Abra is always funny. She has so many interesting stories to tell. She always kept herself low profile. Mature and always optimistic, and at the same time calm and composed, were the traits that also can describe her perfectly.

When working, she was a quick learner. A good leader, always generously sharing her knowledge to others. Her motherly instinct is brightly shown when she was leading her team. . Also, whenever there is a chance, she will always motivate her team and co-workers. I look up to her not only as her best friend, but also as my older, wiser sister.

The first time I met Mas Angger was when Abra introduced him years ago, and the most suited word to represent him would be ‘friendly’. Yup, a very friendly guy, with an easy-going personality. Also, smart and funny. Mas Angger is a good listener and avid adviser. Every time facing some issues, Abra will turn to him for advice and support. Sometimes, he will show his romantic side by writing songs and singing them to Abra.

Hmm.. Abra and Mas Angger. People say that opposites do attract. This is definitely true for this couple. Despite the differences, they are actually well suited for each other. It is like they were already meant to be together since the beginning they’ve met. During all those years they’ve been together, they have learned to understand and to compromise.

They have known each other for many years. They know how to deal and solve any problems that they encounter during this relationship. They realized that none of them are perfect. Thus, they understood and accepted their weaknesses that, in turn, become the strength in their relationship. Well, they are definitely soul mates.

Those stormy obstacles both of you have faced through all these years; let those become silent proof of the strength of your love and resolve. And.. the two of you are starting this new life journey together; I sincerely hope that both of your lives will always be filled with joy, happiness, and lots, lots of love. Last but not least, I wish that you will have the ‘Happily ever after’ ending, like those of princess and princesses in myth and legends.


Susilowati Wu (Susi) – Sahabat GKR Hayu

“Abra.” Begitulah ia mengenalkan dirinya pada saya. Dari belakang kacamatanya yang berbingkai hitam, ia menatap saya lekat.  Dengan senyum lebar, ia bilang bahwa ia manajer proyek yang baru di kantor kami.

Jujur saja, kesan pertama saya tentangnya sangat jauh dari bayangan saya sendiri. Yang pertama terlintas di pikiran saya, “Hm, dia tak tampak se-wah yang kuduga.” Sejak beredar rumor bahwa seorang putri Kraton Yogyakarta akan bekerja di kantor kami, di kepala saya bercampur aduk bayangan sosok seorang pesohor dengan, ya, seorang putri, lengkap dengan pengawal yang mengelilingi dan paparazzi yang mengerubuti sepanjang waktu – seorang wanita dengan selera gaya busana mentereng. Tidak terpikir bahwa ia akan mau berteman dengan saya yang hanya orang biasa ini. Saya ingat saya bahkan pernah mencoba menganjurkannya untuk makan bersama para senior saya yang pendapatannya lebih tinggi karena mengira ia tak begitu suka bergabung bersama kami untuk makan siang di warung biasa. Hahaha, kenangan itu…

Setelah bekerja sama dengan Abra dan mengenalnya lebih dekat, saya baru sadar bahwa ia tidaklah seperti dugaan saya. Ia rendah hati, agak gila teknologi, dan hampir-hampir tomboi, saya benar-benar kecele. Waktu itu, ia sangat tomboi sampai-sampai tak sadar apa artinya berdandan.

Abra juga sangat jenaka. Ia selalu punya banyak cerita menarik. Selain itu, ia pun selalu bersahaja. Sangat tepat rasanya jika menggambarkan watak Abra sebagai seorang yang dewasa dan selalu optimis, sekaligus kalem dan tenang.

Dalam bekerja, ia juga cepat belajar. Ia pemimpin yang baik, yang tidak pernah keberatan berbagi pengetahuan dengan rekan-rekannya. Naluri keibuannya juga jelas tampak saat ia memimpin tim kami. Tak ketinggalan, ia juga selalu memanfaatkan setiap kesempatan yang ada untuk memotivasi tim dan rekan-rekan kerjanya. Bagi saya, Abra bukan hanya seorang sahabat, namun juga seorang kakak yang bijak.

Mas Angger sendiri baru saya kenal lewat Abra, yang mengenalkannya pada saya beberapa tahun lalu; dan kata yang paling pas untuk menggambarkannya adalah ‘ramah’. Yap, Mas Angger sangat ramah dan memiliki kepribadian santai. Ia juga cerdas dan jenaka. Tak kurang, ia juga seorang pendengar dan pemberi nasihat yang baik. Setiap kali menghadapi masalah, Abra pasti akan meminta nasihat dan dukungan dari Mas Angger. Kadang, Mas Angger menampakkan sisi romantisnya dengan menulis lagu dan menyanyikannya untuk Abra.

Hmm… Abra dan Mas Angger. Kata orang, yang berbeda itu justru menarik. Ungkapan ini jelas berlaku untuk pasangan ini. Terlepas dari segala perbedaan yang mereka miliki, mereka tampak sangat cocok satu sama lain. Sepertinya mereka memang ditakdirkan untuk bersama sejak pertama berjumpa. Selama perjalanan mereka bersama, mereka saling belajar untuk memahami dan berkompromi satu sama lain.

Mereka sudah saling mengenal bertahun-tahun. Mereka paham cara menangani dan mengatasi masalah yang mereka hadapi dalam hubungan mereka. Mereka sama-sama sadar bahwa masing-masing dari mereka tidaklah sempurna. Karenanya, mereka mampu memahami dan menerima kekurangan masing-masing, dan hal ini justru menjadi kekuatan hubungan mereka. Singkat kata, mereka memang pasangan sejiwa.

Biarlah semua badai yang pernah merintangi perjalanan hubungan kalian itu menjadi saksi bisu bukti kekuatan cinta dan ketetapan hati kalian. Dan… kalian berdua akan mulai menjalani babak baru dalam hidup kalian; saya tulus mendoakan agar kalian berdua selalu dilimpahi suka cita, kebahagiaan, dan cinta tanpa akhir. Terakhir, saya juga mendoakan agar perjalanan kalian menemui akhir yang ‘bahagia selamanya’, seperti dalam hikayat dan legenda para putri dan pangeran.

Veronica Rahayuningsiwi – Sultan HB X’s Secretary

r Bu Yuni

I have known Miss Abra for quite a long time, since was six. She is a very self-reliant woman. She is always courageous to express her mind. Whenever she dislikes something, she would state it. And when she likes something, she would say it as it is.

Since a little girl, she has never been afraid of traveling alone. When she was in junior high school, sometimes she even refused to be driven by her driver; she preferred to go alone riding on her bicycle. Apart from that, Miss Abra is also almost boyish, which can be seen from her hobby of playing roller-skate. Talking about food, she is not picky.

When she is with Mas Noto, I see that Miss Abra feels comfortable around him. Mas Noto is someone who is willing to protect while giving freedom to Miss Abra to develop her talents. Therefore, he never sets any limits towards Miss Abra.

I think that the two of them match, suit, and comply each other very well. A Javanese would say that they are like tumbu entuk tutup – a bottle meeting its cap. They are meant to be together.

I wish that Miss Abra and Mas Angger could be a family full of happiness, love, and blessing. I also wish that they could make use of their talents to improve any potential in the Kraton, so that this Kraton could be renowned more and more.


Veronica Rahayuningsiwi – Sekretaris Sultan HB X

Saya mengenal mbak Abra sudah lama, sejak mbak Abra masih berusia enam tahun. Mbak Abra ini orangnya mandiri sekali. Berani mengatakan apa yang dia pikirkan. Kalau tidak suka ya dia akan mengatakan tidak suka. Kalau suka ya bilang suka.

Sejak kecil kemana-mana juga berani. Malah waktu SMP itu kadang-kadang beliau tidak mau diantar sama sopirnya, maunya naik sepeda saja. Selain itu, mbak Abra juga agak tomboy, kelihatan dari hobinya yang suka main sepatu roda. Dalam hal makanan, juga beliau tidak pilih-pilih.

Saya melihat mbak Abra ini memang merasa nyaman dengan mas Noto. Mas Noto ini tipe orang yang mau melindungi dan memberi kebebasan bagi mbak Abra untuk mengembangkan talentanya. Jadi dia tidak membatasi mbak Abra.

Menurut saya, mereka berdua sangat cocok, pas, klop. Kalau orang Jawa bilang itu, seperti tumbu entuk tutup. Berjodoh.

Semoga, kedepannya mbak Abra dan mas Angger bisa menjadi keluarga yang sakinah, mawadah, warahmah. Semoga segala potensi yang ada di Kraton ini dapat dikembangkan dengan keahlian dan talenta yang mereka berdua miliki sehingga Kraton bisa dikenal lebih luas lagi.


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